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794% Increase In Sales For The Year

794 Growth in one year

Backstory:You read that correctly! 794% in growth for this brand from last year. The owner of the brand gave us the “keys to the castle” back in 2021 and we have been taking care of all things paid traffic since. We are currently in charge of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and Content Creation. By the end of the year, this brand is projected to be at 7-figures. This obviously takes a tremendous amount of trust from the owner, that’s why we operate in complete transparency with every dollar being spent. We need you to know the what, when, how and why of our strategy. What our plan of attack is for month one vs month six. Our goal for the end of 2023 is to get this brand to 8-figures.

3.5 – 7.8X ROAS All Through Cold Traffic

7k 53k in 30 Days!

Backstory: What you’re looking at here are all campaigns that were focused on getting a completely cold audience who had no idea about this brand, to come in and make a purchase. Out of all the campaigns above, none of them were focused on retargeting the massive audience we already built. I cannot stress enough how important it is to ALWAYS have a pipeline of new customers coming in the door. It’s truly the biggest factor in regards to scaling a business to multi 6-7 figures. We spent $66k to generate $151k of profit solely through cold traffic.

Note: This is not including our retargeting campaigns which were a steady 7-11X ROAS

£1.75 Million In Sales Jan – Sept

7k 53k in 30 Days!

Backstory: This brand in the “baby niche” that started out with an advertising budget of around £2,000 a month. 2 years later, they are now a multi 7-figure a year brand. How? By sticking to the fundamentals. Analyzing what gaps are not being filled to increase the conversion rate. Having a consistent creative pipeline. Consistently testing audiences to ensure we’re acquiring customers at a profit. Creating a system that showcases exactly where we need to focus our ad budget and operating in complete transparency with new launches and upcoming projects

Spent €9,500 To Make €65,000

7k 53k in 30 Days!


This is a campaign we’re very proud of and happy to “show off!” What made this campaign successful and allowed us to have a €5 – €7 Cost Per Result was  our ability to dynamically shift our strategy. Coming into this campaign, the previous agency was getting a 2-3x ROAS, which is not bad. The only problem was that they were not shifting their creative strategy to match with previous winning creatives. Once we saw what creatives were generating the highest ROAS, we based our content shoot to compliment the already successful creatives.This allowed us to generate the results you see above.

$500 => $3000 in a week

7k 53k in 30 Days!


Whether you’re a big brand or a small brand the bottom line is that our strategies work. This is a brand we’re working with in the “Animal Niche.” They sell very specific products to a very specific clientele. Because of this, we started the month with brand new creatives that we believed would resonate very well with this brand’s specific audience. Once we turned on the paid traffic, the 5.62 ROAS confirmed our strategy and we’re proud to say the we “hit the nail right on the head.

“Facebook Ads Don’t Work On High Ticket

7k 53k in 30 Days!


We hear this all the time… If I said to you that if you gave me $83 I’d give you back $370, would you do it? Of course you would! What we have to look at when coming into a campaign is at what price per acquisition makes the most sense? What is the number we need to shoot for to bring in new customers at a profitable rate? Well for this brand, that had an average AOV of $300-$500, any CPR under $150 would be profitable! That meant that our target price per new customer needed to be under $150 to make sense.
Note: Did I mention that none of these campaigns are retargeting campaigns? These
are all cold prospecting campaigns designed to get new customers in the door

7k => 53k in 30 Days!

7k 53k in 30 Days!

Backstory: This particular Ecom client specializes in the cooking niche. To be more specific, they sell knives that are great for cutting. When we came in, we immediately noticed a few things that we could immediately optimize. First, this client had a major amount of customer data built up that was not being targeted efficiently. They were optimizing for their audience to “add to cart” rather than “buy now.” Once we changed this, it  immediately gave them a 500% increase in their sales within the first week. This brand also focused heavily on their creatives. However, they were not refreshing their creatives in the manner they should have been. Facebook/Instagram is a very “creative particular,” and therefore we had to focus on what creatives Facebook would like, rather than dislike. They are now a 7-figure a year business.

611% Consistent ROAS Over 3 years

611 Consistent ROAS Over 3 years

Backstory:  This Ecom client specializes in the “baby clothing” niche in the UK. The first month of us working together, they were a pretty small business and were only able to spend £1k a month on targeted traffic. However, after the first year of working with this client, we were able to up their ad spend from £1k a month to £12k a month because of how fast we were able to scale them. Now they are now a multi 7-figure a year brand!

Becoming a literal ‘Titan of Industry’

Becoming a literal ‘Titan of Industry’

Backstory: This has to be one of my favorite clients that we’ve worked with. This client is a MoM subscription based “loot crate” business that has yielded an absolutely insane return on investment! The results you’re seeing are new people signing up for the subscription service rather than the people that are continuously subscribed. That means Facebook only tracks new people that sign up and that the return they are seeing MoM is much higher! We have helped mold them into a Titan of the Loot Crate industry and they are now a multi 7-figure a year brand!

$25k in 1 Day!

$25k in 1 Day

Backstory: Strong USP’s are vital for any brand to have in order to regularly generate any type of profitable results on a large scale. It’s an absolute non-negotiable. This client has a very difficult product market fit since they’re a Marketplace that sells over 70,000 different products on their website. Because of this, striking a nerve within an audience is incredibly important. Once we came in, we found what data they had already built and split-tested different audiences to see the “who, what, and why” people were buying. We saw this and crafted powerful copy and creatives that were tailored specifically to that audience. Within the first two months of us working together, they had the best month in their company history. They are now a multi 7-figure a year brand!

$8k => $43k in 30 Days!

$8k $43k in 30 Days!

Backstory: This is real life proof that ferociously scaling” isn’t brain surgery and can actually be achieved within 30 days. Thanks to correctly targeted paid traffic and creatives that highlight a strong product, we were able to pair a high converting sales process to a powerful product-market fit. This client is now on track to spend 15-20k a month and is now a 7-figure a year brand!

$2.6k => $16k in 3 Weeks

Spent 2k made 16k pre black friday (1)

Backstory:  We helped this client optimize her sales funnel as prior to her working with us, she was seeing a conversion rate lower than 1.03%. We came in and helped her dial in her offer so her products became an absolute no-brainer in her market. (The perceived value more than outweighed the cost). This brand is now a multi 6-figure a year business and is on track to do 7-figures by mid 2022!

109X Return on Ad Spend!

109X Return on Ad Spend!

Backstory:  This campaign was all about funnels, funnels and more funnels. With this particular client, they were selling their “course” online via webinar. The first month of us working together we focused strictly on building an audience to register for a free webinar. We fiercely focused on offering as much free value as we could up front, which would then lead into a sales funnel. After a month of audience building, we switched our campaign from lead generation straight into retargeting. Our retargeting campaign directed people that were already interested in the webinar straight into our sales funnel. You’ll see where the ROAS numbers jumped from a 4-6X all the way to a 24-109X as soon as we started running the retargeting campaigns. This person’s course made over 6-figures in 3 months!

1.25x ROAS Before Us, 12.80x ROAS After Us

7k 53k in 30 Days!

Backstory:12.80x ROAS for the month of May for one of our Supplement Brands! We’ve been working with this supplement brand for the past 11 months. When our initial partnership started, they were generating around a 1.25X return on ad spend and were looking for someone with expertise to advise them on their ads and essentially point them in the right direction. After advising them for a few months, they saw the value we were providing and decided to give us complete control of the account. Fast forward to May, we are now generating them an average of 12x+ ROAS and it only seems to go up. The systems we have work and they work ridiculously we

€3 – €5 Cost Per Initiated Checkout

7k 53k in 30 Days!

Backstory: 3 euros or $3.16 in USD is what it cost us on average for us to get a customer to make a purchase for this fashion brand. The average order value for this brand was €35 – €45 per order. The margins were insane and we guided them step by step to make sure they were being as profitable as possible. We helped with creative design, content creation, campaign implementation and making sure that our prospecting campaign was gaining customers at profit rather than at cost. Once we ran our retargeting campaign well… You can see the ROAS 🙂

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